Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to write a CV/Job Application

CV (1 page)
  • Name
  •  Address
  •  AIM – one sentence or statement
  •  Employment history (teaching only) (unpaid and paid incl pex and tutoring)
  •  Tertiary education
  •  Training and development
  • Referees.  (contactable) (only 3)

  • Position Criteria (heading)
  • Approval to teach K-6 (subheading)   eg: a classroom that fosters mutual support, a challenging curriculum and is a happy and safe place is essential for chn to reach their potential
    • exhibit excellent classroom practice by providing….
  •  End with a mini conclusion
    • at XXX public school I would

EDPD402, (2012), EDPD402 'Introductory Lecture', Lecture notes, University of Wollongong, Faculty of Education, accessed 7/09/12


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