Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What Makes a Good Program?

What should be in a program?

- Evidence that you have thought about the children in your class
- Evidence that your program reflects the school policy that in turn should reflect the community the school serves
- School mission statement
- School aims
- Student profile
- Student needs analysis. Include in this comments about special needs children
- Evidence of integration
- Rationale and aims for each KLA e.g. ‘This year I want the children to’

Units of Work

-       Outcomes & foundation statements
-       Indicators relating to how the children may achieve the outcome
-       Duration
-       Teaching learning activities (the crux of your program)
-       Assessment strategies. Try to date these if possible (plan when you will do things)
-       Unit evaluation
-       A statement about how the unit integrates with other KLAs


-       Aboriginal education
-       Gifted and talented education
-       Student equity

Setting Out

 Try to keep your program simple. Integration saves you time. Worksheets should be in a resource folder. Keep photocopies to a minimum.

Happy programming! 

Toovey, J (2012)

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